About Cap City Law PS

Attorneys for the Business of Life

We approach each client’s legal needs with a practical eye, solid knowledge of the law, and approachable professionalism. 

We are your trusted advisor in all aspects of your life – from forming or expanding your business, to buying and developing property to developing a will or trust that accurately reflects your goals for the future. 

We have chosen our core practice areas to focus on you – our client.  The law impacts more than just one narrow slice of your life  - we are your attorneys for the business of your life. 

Cap City Law are creative problem solvers who focus on providing options.

Effective Representation and Problem Solving

Our first goal is to fully understand our client’s needs and objectives. Then we apply our knowledge of the law and creative thinking to attain those goals.

We have successfully helped many clients resolve complex and difficult business and personal matters to achieve rewarding and successful outcomes.   

Cap City Lay provides effective representation and problem solving

A Commitment to Community

We view law as a service profession. We are committed to using our skills as lawyers to facilitate making our community and the world a better place to live and work. 


Our attorneys and staff volunteer their time to a variety of local nonprofits. They share a vision for communities that support green, sustainable business and thriving agriculture.


Our Beliefs

Cap City Law are holistic attorneys

Holistic Law

Holism is the view that an integrated whole has a reality independent of and greater than the sum of its parts.  Holistic lawyers understand that law provides the form and structure for society.  We also recognize that laws made in one area impact and influence other areas of law and life, and that external factors…
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Cap City Law provides alternative dispute resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our firm has worked successfully with clients using a variety of methods of dispute resolution. By sifting through the facts and law of your case, we will help you to understand the strength of your position and evaluate which dispute resolution method will be best for you.  You can then make an informed decision about…
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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a dispute resolution model where the parties agree to resolve their dispute without the economic and emotional expense of litigation. Collaborative practice encourages open communication to achieve an equitable and practical result. Working collaboratively, the parties have an opportunity to formulate creative solutions not available through conventional litigation. Clients who handle their…
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Our Values

Green Values.  We were “green” long before green was cool.  We have been a “Thurston Green Business” since 2007 and have twice received the Small Business Award.

Cap City Law was green long before green was cool