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Understanding Revocable Living Trusts

Understanding Revocable Living Trusts We, like many attorneys, have clients say something like, “I’ve been told that I need a trust so I can avoid probate.” These clients are generally referring to what are called revocable living trusts (“RLT”). These trusts are vehicles that allow you to get your assets to the next generation. Probate,…
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Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a contractor to work on your home can feel like a chore. How do you know you’re choosing the right contractor for the job? First, get bids from several contractors. Compare what the bids include. Don’t automatically select the lowest bid. Sometimes items included in a higher bid may be missing from a lower…
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Cap City Law specializes in resolving business disputes with Mediation, rather than Litigation

Mediation for Business

Employing the benefits of mediation to resolve business disputes Business disputes are more than an inconvenience for your company. These situations represent the possibility of financial loss, disruption to your company operations and much more. When your Washington business is involved in any type of dispute, it is in your interests to take immediate steps…
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Remote Workers

Employers with remote workers: Avoid these 3 potential legal issues The COVID-19 pandemic upended our country. Schools shut down. Cities and states issued stay-at-home orders. Our front-line workers put themselves and their families at risk during uncertain times to try and help their communities get through the pandemic. We learned many lessons during these tough…
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short term rental

Short Term Rentals

City Council approves regulations for short-term rentals Short-term vacation rentals of homes and residential properties have been a hot-button topic among municipalities of all sizes. This concern prompted the State Legislature to pass laws in 2019 mandating that owners get liability insurance, register the property with the state, meet safety concerns and applicable taxes. Despite…
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business contracts

CCL Business Contracts

Creating an enforceable business contract Successfully navigating the world of small business means that you will encounter your fair share of contracts over the years. Constructing a business contract is an important task that can help prop up the stability of your business. Unfortunately, it can be easy to make a seemingly minor error that…
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