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Should I hire “employees” or “independent contractors”?

Any growing business will inevitably be faced with decisions about hiring help, but how do you know whether to hire an employee or an independent contractor?  Navigating the decision requires understanding that the relationship between a business and its workers is complex and requires careful thought and often professional guidance. Having employees on the payroll…
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Back to School

As many students head back to school this fall, one of Cap City Law’s own will also be joining the academic hustle. Please join us in congratulating our partner, Nick Milner, on his acceptance into Georgetown University’s Executive LL.M. Program in Taxation. An LL.M degree, also called a Masters in Law, is tantamount to a…
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Is a cooperative business the right structure for you?

When forming a business, you have numerous choices for the structure of your venture. Depending on your goals and the industry in which you work, you may find that a corporation, LLC, partnership or even a sole proprietorship is in your best interest. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. However, what if you…
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Return To Work Tips for Business Owners

Reopening for success: 6 things for business owners to remember After a year of hardships, the owners of Washington’s small businesses may now feel as though they see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, as they look forward to opening their businesses more fully, owners cannot afford to overlook the details that…
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Olympia’s Jensen Milner | Cap City Law PS are Attorneys for the Business of Your Life

Legal matters require attorneys who are skilled in the law, but who also understand how legal matters affect other parts of your life. The holistic approach at Olympia’s Jensen Milner | Cap City Law allows clients to be heard, understood, and advised in a way that addresses the legal issue at hand, while also balancing…
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LLCs Simplified

Jessica Jensen recently gave a presentation on LLCs for the Law Review CLE group on Dec 11, 2018. In the presentation, Jessica covered: The limited liability company (LLC) is a popular entity structure for small business owners who want liability protection without the perceived red tape associated with setting up and managing a corporation. Few…
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