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CCL Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you considering a merger or acquisition? Every success in your corporation is cause for celebration. Whether these successes exceed your goals or are helping you move toward them, it is likely your shareholders are enjoying the rise in their stock values and the confidence this instills. However, part of the success of any business…
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What small business owners need to know about recent tax changes

The Washington legislature recently passed ESSB 5096, which establishes Washington’s new capital gains tax. While this tax affects all Washingtonians, owners of certain types of small businesses should pay particular attention to what compliance with the new law will mean for their business. The effects of ESSB 5096 ESSB 5096 changes the rate at which…
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brown wooden house surrounded by fence near body of water

Do good fences make good neighbors?

Do good fences make good neighbors? Spring is a great time for projects, like putting up a new fence. Here are some tips to avoid having your new fence be a source of friction between you and your neighbors. Talk to neighbors who will be impacted by the fence before you do any work. You…
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person using laptop on white wooden table

Do your remote employees know what you expect from them?

Do your remote employees know what you expect from them? If your business is like many others, you have recently had to reevaluate your work environment in light of global health concerns. Perhaps this included instilling social distancing, providing sanitation options, and allowing employees to work from home. As things get back to normal, you…
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white printer paper beside silver laptop computer

Is your company’s job application discriminatory?

Is your company’s job application discriminatory? If your current job application contains questions related to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, or genetic information, you could be violating anti-discrimination laws. While there are plenty of job application templates you can find online and elsewhere, the open positions in your company may require special…
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two men facing each other while shake hands and smiling

Should I hire “employees” or “independent contractors”?

Any growing business will inevitably be faced with decisions about hiring help, but how do you know whether to hire an employee or an independent contractor?  Navigating the decision requires understanding that the relationship between a business and its workers is complex and requires careful thought and often professional guidance. Having employees on the payroll…
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