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Hiring a Contractor


Hiring a contractor to work on your home can feel like a chore. How do you know you’re choosing the right contractor for the job? First, get bids from several contractors. Compare what the bids include. Don’t automatically select the lowest bid. Sometimes items included in a higher bid may be missing from a lower bid. Be sure you understand what the bid covers and do not rely on verbal representations. Get it in writing! Second, ask for three references. Avoid any contractor who can’t provide references from satisfied customers.

Third, check out available information on the contractor at Fourth, look for a contractor who seems easy to talk with and who is willing to explain things and not gloss over your questions. Poor communication is a leading cause of contract disputes. Fifth, trust your instincts but do your homework. Although you will generally work best with someone you feel you can trust, don’t let your good feelings about a contractor be the basis for your selection.

Thoroughly check out the contractor and make your initial choice based on fact, then trust your instincts to confirm that you’ve make the right choice. If you get a gut feeling that you should not go with a particular contractor, choose a different contractor. Our feelings that something is not right are usually accurate.

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