Peter Monahan


A native Vermonter, Peter has lived in a dozen states, and worked in at least a dozen more. His varied background includes extensive work with the arts and entertainment industry, as well as years of experience in aviation, textiles, and security.

Education & Experience
BA from Dartmouth College, with a double major in Government and Drama. MFA from the University of Missouri/Kansas City. JD from Fordham Law. MBA from the Executive Program at the Stern School of Business at NYU.

Fun Facts
Some people dream of running away with the Circus. Peter actually did so, touring with the Big Apple Circus as their sound engineer. Other hits from the past include working as the house lighting designer for a rock’n’roll hall in Kansas City and a stint as the East Coast Auto Show Manager for Mitsubishi Motors. Peter is a former EMT in both New York and New Jersey. He is the father of two children, neither of whom currently have anything to do with the entertainment industry, law, or circuses.